Through hands-on exploration, these exhibits engage, educate, and inspire children of all ages.


Take Flight

Join us as we take flight! This hands-on exhibit appeals to adults and children alike and teaches us about the science behind flight. This exhibit will open to the public on Friday, February 23!

Some exhibit components include:


Hang Glider Simulator
Climb into an actual glider harness and use the controls to fly in a virtual setting

Vertical Wind Tunnel & Flying Cups
Construct flying copters to see how they react to vertical "wind"

Feel The Lift
Feel how wings lift and move when in flight

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RC Simulators
Simulate flying an aircraft in a variety of landscapes

Bernoulli Blower
Study wind flow and learn about the Bernoulli Principle with this hands-on experiment

WaterWays to the future


Make a splash while discovering the physics of water!
Our new water table features Mount Helena, Helena’s iconic fire tower, and artwork showcasing Helena’s landscape, including the Sleeping Giant Mountain and Helena Cathedral. Museum visitors can interact with the exhibit by making the clouds rain, go fishing, fill water buckets, and play with the water wheel.

Little sky


Our special play land for children under five.
Children five and under can explore life in Big Sky Country with our Little Sky exhibit. Discover where your food comes from with Gabriel's Garden Market. Hunt for eggs in the Farm to Fork barnyard. Scramble up the slide, and catch a stuffed fish in the Montana Outdoors exhibit.

Dogs: More Than Pets - Coming Summer 2018!

for more information on our exhibits:

Bill Soth, Exhibits Director