Turn your classroom into a science learning laboratory.

Our Explore Kits are FREE and engaging science kits filled with hands-on teaching tools.

Follow the included lesson plans, or use the activities to supplement your own curriculum!

1. Find a kit

Choose from a variety of kits for grades K-8.

2. check out a kit

•    Call 406.603.4133 or email laurenr@explorationworks.org
•    Helena School District will be delivered via interschool mail
•    May be picked up at ExplorationWorks, Tuesday – Saturday between 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 

3. return a kit

Simply return your kit through interschool mail or to ExplorationWorks within two weeks, or call to request a renewal.

Kits available:

•    Senses: Hearing – Grades K-2nd
•    Senses: Touch – Grades K-2nd
•    Senses: Taste – Grades K – 2nd
•    Senses: Smell – Grades K-2nd
•    Geology: Grades K-3rd & 6th
•    Measurement: Grades K-1st
•    Circulation: Grades 4th-6th
•    Muscles: Grades 3rd-5th
•    Nervous System: Grades 3rd-5th
•    Solar System: Grades K-5th
•    Respiration: Grades 3rd-5th
•    Rocks: Grades K-4th
•    Skeleton: Grades 3rd-6th
•    Weather: Grades 3rd-5th
•    Intro to Human Body Systems: K-2nd
•    Cells: Grade 5
•    Digestion: Grades 3rd-5th

The following kits are also available. These kits are composed of basic hands-on or visual teaching aids, with no formal lesson plans included. More details on kit contents coming soon!

  • Simple Machines
  • Seeds & Leaves
  • Paleontology
  • Comparative Zoology
  • Biomes
  • Conservation
  • Oceans (specimen kit only)
  • Insects

for more information:

Lauren Rivers, Education Director