Our traveling exhibits have provided families across the country with engaging experiences in science & culture.


women in space

women in space

From deep-sea research to deploying advanced telescopes to inventing the BioSuit, Women in Space, showcases how women’s contributions have expanded our capabilities in space exploration. The exhibition tells the captivating tale of space exploration and features the industry’s brightest female scientists whose work helps NASA prepare for future space exploration. 

Once an improbable goal, women-led space exploration is leaping forward with science innovations and engineering technology. What’s next?  

shape your language

shape your language.png

One person set the shapes on the table in front of them out of view of the second person. The first person then describes the layout of the shapes to enable the second person to match that layout, solely based on how well you communicate.

catenary arch blocks

The Catenary is one of the most important shapes in architecture. All ages can learn from the keystone and self-supporting concepts this exhibit delivers.

catenary arch
  • Full set of 11 numbered blocks which form the Catenary Arch.
  • Padded and upholstered with large, clear numbers to facilitate set up.
  • Each block is more than a foot square, making the completed arch an impressive structure approximately 6 feet from the base to base and nearly 5 feet tall.

This exhibit is available for rent or for purchase.

Simple Machines

This three piece interactive exhibit set explores the use of pulleys, wedges & gears in making things easier to do.

  • Pulley Power demonstrates the power of three different pulley systems and shows how pulleys make heavy things easier to lift. There are three different pulley systems that lift a bowling ball of the same weight. One is easy to lift, another is easier and the third is easiest. The number of pulleys used in each one demonstrates their power.
  • Momentum Coaster is made up of many different wooden wedge shapes and angles and demonstrates how wedges help with moving things in an easier way. Users can move and arrange the wedges to move spheres down a course. Depending on how they are arranged dictates the ease with which momentum affects the spheres speed and ability to move down the course.
  • Gear Table shows how gears connect and work together to move things even when they are a distance away. Users can arrange different sized gears is a variety of patterns and are able to spin the control gear to affect the other gears on the table.

Earthquake Shaker Table

This interactive exhibit shows how the shaking of an earthquake can affect  a structure. Users can build a structure out of Keva Blocks and then “shake” the table to see if their structure was made strongly enough to withstand their “earthquake”. They will learn how to make a stronger structure as they use this exhibit.

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