nervous system

Grades 3-5

Basic Lesson: After using the “Brain Hat” and The Human Brain book, students will learn how the different parts of the nervous system are used in their reflexes by testing their reflexes catching a ball and using a reflex hammer. They will also role play the different parts of the nervous system by simulating what happens when the brain signals the hand to drop an object.

Advanced Lesson: Using memory activities, the students will explore how each person learns differently (learning styles) and how different stimuli affect memory. They will also graph their results and determine which learning style is favored by the students in the classroom.


1.1: Develop abilities necessary to safely conduct scientific inquiry, including asking questions about objects, events, and organisms in the environment.

  • Make observation using the five senses

  • Record observations by drawing or orally explaining

3.1: Identify that plants and animals have structures and systems that serve functions for growth, survival, and reproduction.

  • List characteristics of living organisms (body systems)

Equipment Provided in the Kit

  • 6 Reflex hammers

  • Brain Hat Handout – binder

  • 20 tennis balls

  • 12 stop watches

  • Foam Brain and manual

  • Nervous system activity cards

  • Bottle labeled HOT

  • Plastic skull with brain

  • Human Brain book

  • Human Body book

  • One small nervous system chart

  • Two large nervous system charts

  • Handouts


Nervous System Lesson Plan Grades 3-5
Figure 1-6
Nervous system activity diagram
Neuron Diagram

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Lauren Rivers, STEM Enrichment Director