Looking for an easy, exciting science activity to capture your kids' interest? We've selected the best experiments for your kitchen laboratory, with supplies you have on hand.

We tell our students that anyone can be a scientist, and that includes adults! You hold the key to unlock a child's curiosity and sense of wonder, and we're sharing our best tips for engaging kids in science (spoiler: make it FUN!).

Questions to ask your scientist:

  • What are we trying to find out?

  • What will we do first? What will we do after that?

  • What do you think will happen? Why do you think that?

  • What do you notice? Can you say more about that?

  • What does this remind you of? What does it look/smell/feel/sound like?

  • For engineering: Why did you make this the way you did? What could you change or add?

  • What would you change if you could try this experiment again? What do you think would happen?

So go ahead, roll up your sleeves and get ready to have fun with your young scientists. But shhhhh! Don't tell them they're actually learning something too!

Check out our Colorful Bubbling Blobs experiment!

Red Tricycle has a stellar list of the classic home science experiments: redtri.com/classic-science-experiments

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