Grades 3-5

Lesson 1: After giving the students a pre-quiz, the students will explain and present the different parts of the respiratory system and their function after researching the information. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the three stages of the breathing process after going through a series of breathing exercises and then correctly label a body chart to show the order and location of the stages.

Lesson 2: Students will understand what gases are inhaled and exhaled during respiration and explore their own breathing times (math opportunity). They will also determine the effects of exercise on breathing by performing the Respiration Activity included in the kit.

Lesson 3: Students will be able to understand how the respiratory system is connected to other body systems. They will also research a common respiratory disorder and present the following to their classmates:

  • Description of the condition

  • Cause and risk factors

  • Communicable considerations

  • How to protect against getting it

  • Extension – interview a person with a respiratory disorder


1.1: Develop abilities necessary to safely conduct scientific inquiry, including asking questions about objects, events, and organisms in the environment.

  • Make observation using the five senses

  • Record observations by drawing or orally explaining

3.1: Identify that plants and animals have structures and systems that serve functions for growth, survival, and reproduction.

  • List characteristics of living organisms (body systems)

Equipment Provided in the Kit

  • Right Lung Model

  • Respiratory Chart

  • Funnel – to pour bromothymol blue back into its bottle

  • 19 Droppers

  • 30 Clear cups- reusable

  • Straws

  • Bromothymol blue – placed upright in a gallon bag

  • 15 safety goggles

  • eight 50 mL graduated cylinders

  • 11 stop watches

  • Diseased lung model

  • Diseased lung chart

  • Milk jug

  • Tubing

  • Tub

  • Plastic measuring cup


Respiratory System Lesson Plan Grades 3-5
Parts of the Respiratory System
Respiration Activity
Respiratory Pre-quiz
Understanding Respiratory Problems Assessment Help

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