senses: Touch

Grades K-2

In the basic lesson, students will learn different types of touch (rough, soft, hard, sticky, fluffy) and then at five activity stations equipped with object-filled socks, they will identify the different types of touch by only feeling the object.

In the advanced lesson, students will be able use the same activity but will hypothesize what they think the object is based on how it feels. They will also classify the four advanced objects using two descripting words.

State Standards

Standard 2: Students, through the inquiry process, demonstrate knowledge of properties, forms, changes and interactions of physical and chemical systems.

2.2 Students will be able to examine, measure, describe, compare and classify objects in terms of common physical properties.

Equipment Provided in the Kit

  • Skin Model

  • 5 sets of socks numbered 1-5 in each bag. Please check to see the socks have the correct object or that it is in good shape. Sock #1 – two cotton balls, Sock #2 – smooth glass/marble, Sock #3 – piece of sandpaper folded in half and stapled, Sock #4 – lint tape roll which may need to have a layer removed to provide a sticky surface, Sock #5 – sponge piece.

  • 5 advanced kits. Each kit/bag should have a golf ball (rough and hard), white button (smooth and hard), piece of blue silky fabric (smooth and soft), and a piece of black sequin fabric (smooth and rough).

  • Senses Category cards for the advance lesson


Touch Lesson Plan K-2
Touch Assessment
Touch Data Table

for more information:

Lauren Rivers, STEM Enrichment Director