Grades 3-5

In this lesson students will identify the major organs of the digestive system using their own body charts, identify the function of the digestive system, and explain the digestive process from the mouth to the large intestine by following the path of a piece of digested food in a simulated demonstration.


1.1: Develop abilities necessary to safely conduct scientific inquiry, including asking questions about objects, events, and organisms in the environment.

  • Make observation using the five senses

  • Record observations by drawing or orally explaining

3.1: Identify that plants and animals have structures and systems that serve functions for growth, survival, and reproduction.

  • List characteristics of living organisms (body systems)

Equipment Provided in the Kit

  • Digestive System Chart

  • Spray bottle (labeled “SALIVA”)

  • Bowl (labeled “MOUTH”)

  • Tube (preferably clear, labeled “ESOPHAGUS”)

  • Bottle (labeled “GASTRIC ACIDS”)

  • Clear plastic tube labeled “SMALL INTESTINE”

  • Clear plastic tube labeled “LARGE INTESTINE”

  • 10 inch piece of ribbon

  • 20 Ft. piece of ribbon

  • 5 ft. piece of ribbon

  • One liter soda bottle

  • Two Forks

  • Food smasher


Digestive System Lesson Plan-Grades 3rd-5th
Data Table for Digestive Steps

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Lauren Rivers, STEM Enrichment Director