Grades K-1

The measurement unit introduces the concepts of time, temperature, mass, length, and liquid volume. In the basic lesson, students are shown various tools used in measurement – clock, thermometer, balance, ruler, and measuring cup – and then practice concepts such as fast or slow, hot or cold, heavy or light, short or tall, more or less.

In the advanced lesson, students will:

  • Practice telling time in hours and half hours using their bodies to demonstrate the different time.

  • Use thermometers to measure temperature, instructing them on how to record temperature measurements and associating temperature measurements with specific seasons.

  • Try to balance an object using paperclips, marbles, wooden blocks, sugar cubes, or pennies that has consistently the same mass.

  • Use different objects (like a craft stick) to measure different distances to practice measuring length.

  • Use Gallon Man (found in kit) to teach volume.

State Standards

1.2: Select and use appropriate tools including technology to make measurements (including metric units) and represent results of basic scientific investigations.

  • Identify measurement tools.

  • Choose the appropriate tool to measure time, temperature, mass, length, and liquid volume.

  • Use tools to measure time, mass, length, volume, and temperature.

Equipment Provided in the Kit

  • Balance

  • Thermometer

  • Measuring cup

  • Craft sticks

  • Clock

  • Gallon Man

  • Mini Balances (foam board)

  • Small metal pans to place on balance

  • Water Bottle Activity

  • Red measuring cups

  • Large plastic bowl


Measurement Lesson Plan K-1
Measurement Thermometer Worksheet
Measurement Water Bottle Worksheet

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