senses: taste

Grades K-2

In the basic lesson, after reading a book to introduce taste, students will practice recognizing the four different tastes – salty, sweet, bitter, sour – using different water solutions and then they will taste 8 different food items and practice putting them into the correct taste categories.

State Standards

Standard 2: Students, through the inquiry process, demonstrate knowledge of properties, forms, changes and interactions of physical and chemical systems.

2.2 Students will be able to examine, measure, describe, compare and classify objects in terms of common physical properties.

Equipment Provided in the Kit

  • Taste by M. Rius, J. M. Parramón and J. J. Pui

  • Cards labeled salty, sweet, bitter, and sour

  • 6 sets of containers labeled sugar, salt, baking soda, and lemon juice. Please return them clean and dry.

  • 12 Hand held mirrors

  • Diagram of the tongue

  • Picture cards of food


Lesson Plan Taste K-2
Taste Test Data Table – Basic
Taste Test Data Table – Advanced
Tongue Diagrams

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Lauren Rivers, STEM Enrichment Director